Having grown up in the entertainment industry I have been obsessed with how to use a lens to tell stories from a very young age. So while the move into photography was a happy accident, it was also the most natural of transitions. I have loved every minute of it.

I learned on film and I feel this has truly shaped me as a photographer and has given me a deeper understanding of light and composition.

My goal for each of my clients is to create a unique photo-experience, while capturing beautiful memories and creative images. Plus I'm a bit of a goof, so we will have fun while we do it.

I am so thrilled and lucky to have two locations (Los Angeles and Chicago) to call home.  If you're wondering if I travel - the answer is: YES.  I love to travel so destination weddings/commercial shoots/portraits etc. are very welcome!

Other random facts:

  • I  married my best friend

  • I have two beautiful little rugrats who excel at melting hearts

  • I take WAY too many pictures of them (I try not to over-post ...I said I TRY!)

  • I once shot Jell-O out my nose from laughing so hard

  • I love funky socks



Do you travel? - YES!! I love to travel and no distance is too small or too great. Let’s go somewhere! I have shot domestically and internationally. You tell me where and when and I’ll be there.

How do your packages work? - I have always personally hated having to choose from a set A, B, or C option. My approach is to get to know more about you and what you may be needing, from there I can customize some possible options for you. All packages are completely customizable. So we can add/subtract items to work with what you are most interested in and to make sure you are getting everything you actually want in your package! Quotes are free, so jet me an email and we can get started.

Do you have insurance? - Yup! Have never needed it, but always good to have it. :)

Do you shoot your weddings yourself? - YES! I shoot all of my events, portraits and weddings myself.

Do you edit the photos yourself? - Again YES! I know a lot of photographers are farming out images for editing after a shoot, but I am a bit of a perfectionist and have developed my own signature style of editing. This does mean that it might take slightly longer than if the images were sent to an editing chop shop…ahem…company, but it also means you are getting 100% attention to detail and personal attention to your images.

How long does it take to get my images back? - Depends on the type of shoot. For a portrait or engagement session it takes roughly 2-3 week for everything. For a wedding it takes roughly 8-12 weeks. Timeframes are determined by how busy the season is and again because I am actually hand editing each image myself it can take a little longer, but the results are better (IMO of course). I do try to get teasers back to you within a couple of days when possible tho! I know how hard it is to wait, especially when you’re excited. :)


Austin is an artist who takes breathtaking photos and managed to capture not only beautiful stills from our wedding but captured the essence of our special day perfectly. The photos were brilliant. His personality is easy going and hilarious which was perfect for our wedding day. He knew all the right questions and just how to ask. Very professional and very fun. And in the end we landed the best photos on the planet.
— Thomas f
An expert of managing family, drunk guests, little ones, and all of the little unexpected tasks that arise throughout the day, Austin is the definition of unflappable.
— Jenny L
Austin is one fabulous and talented photographer! Not only does he have such an amazing creative eye, but he is also a genuine person, which makes working with him so easy and comfortable. He told a beautiful story of our wedding day through his artistic work and now we will have our day forever (and beautifully) documented!
— Jessica D
Austin was a dream to work with! From everything to the planning to the actual wedding day, he always knew exactly what to do. He is extremely personable and is really good at making you relax during the photos. If that wasn’t enough, our photos turned out AMAZING!
— Jeni C