Corey & Brianna - The James, Chicago

Finally getting around to posting this amazing wedding. Corey & Brianna make me want to be a better man. I wish I had half the chops, charm, wit, and style they have. (*smiley face*). They had an absolutely stunning wedding, and in spite of some nasty weather we still managed to sneak outside (Art Institute of Chicago) and grab some pics between rain drops. We even got to visit Sue (ya know - the T-REX!!) at Field. Basically, this day was awesome.

Who: Corey & Brianna

What: Wedding

Where: The James Hotel Chicago

When: August 20, 2016 (Yeah I'm a bit behind on blogging ok *winky face*)

Why: So much LOVE! 3W6A5902-23W6A9965 3W6A9969 3W6A0468-2 3W6A0450 3W6A26073W6A2610 DSC00370 3W6A0161 3W6A0219 3W6A0252-2-2 3W6A06143W6A0631 3W6A0671-2 3W6A0676 3W6A1115-2-2 3W6A1163-23W6A0780 3W6A0836-23W6A05663W6A2000-2 3W6A1982-2 3W6A1648 3W6A1834 3W6A1338-2 3W6A1356 3W6A1375 3W6A1390 3W6A13963W6A20463W6A2629-23W6A2637-33W6A26173W6A3412-2-2 DSC00741 DSC00666 3W6A2498-2 3W6A2552 3W6A2898 3W6A2911 3W6A3744 3W6A3680 3W6A3679-2 3W6A3522 3W6A3508-3 3W6A38503W6A37983W6A3219-2 3W6A3863 3W6A3911 3W6A3900-2 3W6A3897-2 3W6A5926-2

Wedding at Castle Green - Till & Roxanne

This wedding felt like something out of a James Bond movie. Tuxedos, bow ties, cool cars, and of course the beautiful love interest. Or in this case, Roxanne, an absolutely stunning bride. But above all, what really stood out to me about this wedding was the overwhelming sense of love and family. Two different families from different parts of the world came together to form one new family and to embrace Till & Roxanne as they took their first steps as husband and wife. The whole day hummed with the buzz of excitement, laughter, love, and unity set to the backdrop of the famous Castle Green in Pasadena as well as the beautiful Pasadena City Hall. Congrats to Till & Roxanne! May you both have a life full of love, family, adventure, and success!




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Till & Roxanne

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3W6A8892PS43W6A8878PSw1Till & Roxanne3W6A8789PS13W6A8779PS3IMG_6755PS23W6A8767PS5



3W6A8810PS7 3W6A8825PS3 3W6A8850PS3 IMG_6870PS2Till & Roxanne3W6A8941PS1

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3W6A8076PS9 3W6A8061PS7 3W6A8183PS23W6A8172PS2

3W6A8195PS2 3W6A8226PS1Till & Roxanne

IMG_6531PS3 IMG_6530PS2 IMG_6517PS1 IMG_6513PS5 3W6A9129PS53W6A9156PS3 3W6A9114PS6

Till & Roxanne Till & Roxanne Till & Roxanne

Till & Roxanne

Till & Roxanne Till & Roxanne Till & Roxanne Till & Roxanne Till & Roxanne Till & Roxanne