Beth + Mark

Beth + Mark talk to each other in movie quotes from 90's comedies. Let's just say, they made my day. And it's pretty obvious that they kinda like each other. I can't WAIT to do this again! See you next year at Morgan's on Fulton! Thanks for such an awesome session guys. And also, can we be friends? :)  

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Derek & Tatiana's Desert Engagement Session

Dirt, rocks, an old couch, and a stunning couple make for one heck of a session. I love the stylishly romantic feeling these of this shoot. Not to mention the amazing light we found out at Vasquez Rocks (so glad we decided to get out cloudy Pasadena that day!). Derek & Tatiana thanks for  making this one classy, stylish, and beautiful session. You guys have such a naturally beautiful and romantic love for each other and I  can't wait for your wedding! 3W6A8906PS5

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Art & Tatiana's DTLA Engagement Session

Spent a fun filled afternoon in LA with Art & Tatiana for this engagement session. This city. I love it. And the fun and colorful energy provided perfect backdrop for these two. Outside of spending hours laughing together as we navigated the one way streets and fought for parking, we also managed to squeeze in some photo time, and if it wasn't clear before (which it was) it became obvious very quickly that Art & Tatiana love being in love with each other.

Simply put Art & Tatiana are the perfect match.

Their wedding is gonna rock and I can't wait.



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Tim & Maya's Engagement Session at The W Hotel, Hollywood

Um, yeah. This session was rockin'. We shot at the infamous W Hotel Hollywood which provides a versatile and visually stunning back drop, but the real stars of this session would be our fabulous lovebirds. Tim & Maya packed this session with tons of style, edge, personality, and of course lots o' love. Can't go wrong with a little strawberry flirtation and Coca-Cola bottles right? Thanks for an awesome day guys! You killed it!

Maya and TimMaya and Tim

Maya and TimMaya & TimMaya and Tim

Maya and Tim


Maya and TimMaya and TimMaya and TimMaya and TimMaya and Tim3W6A1193

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3W6A0427PS4 Maya and TImMaya and TIm3W6A0436 3W6A0591 3W6A1352PS2 3W6A1388PS43W6A13843W6A1365PS2

Maya and TImMaya and TIm

Vasquez Rocks Engagement Session - Chris and April

Loving this session at Vasquez Rocks with Chris and April! Such a fun couple with a great story. They actually met at a Military Ball a few years back when April was talked into going as a blind date for one of the officers. At the last minute her original date dropped out and April almost decided against it herself. Fortunately for both of them Chris was found as a replacement and serendipity soon took hold of the situation. As you may have guessed, the date went pretty well I'd say. Congrats to Chris and April on their engagement and here's to a life full of love and happy accidents. :)

April and CHrisApril and CHris

April and CHrisApril and ChrisApril and CHrisApril and ChrisApril and CHrisApril and CHrisApril and CHrisApril and CHrisApril and ChrisApril and CHrisApril and CHris