John & Ashley's Engagement Session - Chicago

This was my first session in Chicago since the big move (I know I have been a bit - ok massively - behind on blogging!!), and it was also the first snow of the season. Complete white out. One of the things I love about Chicago is that it keeps me on my toes and I have to be ready for anything. In LA, I can almost always count on the weather being pretty constant, and there is definitely something to knowing that I can rely on the weather for good light etc. Having said that, I was needing a new challenge, needing to shake things up a bit, and removing some of the reliability factors from my normal shooting conditions has been amazing for me. This city has provided me with a whole new set of creative inspiration, challenges, and endless backdrops to explore. I am very excited to share this first session with all of you as it is a prime example of having to get creative on the fly. While we were expecting that it might be a bit cold outside we were still planning to do a few things outdoors, but the blizzard conditions had other plans for us. I had originally planned to drive since I was bringing some lighting gear, but the blizzard turned to a white out making driving a bit impossible, so I packed up my gear and walked to the train in 8 inches of snow during a blizzard. Haha. Call me weird but it was a blast.  The entire session ended up indoors (which I had only ever done once before) which always provides it's own set of challenges - finding interesting locations, lighting, space to move around etc., but we were thrilled to have been able to shoot in some amazing locations. A massive thank you to The Bedford for letting us use their space and to the Langham for not kicking us out ;).

Of course I have to rave a bit about John and Ashley who just nailed this session. I had spent some time chatting with them about what they wanted the session to look and feel like. They really wanted a romantic yet editorial styled session. This can always be a bit challenging to pull off if you're not used to being in front of a camera, but as you can see, these two fell right into it and rocked it! They had so much fun together and it was really fun to watch them banter, flirt, and play together. We spent a lot of time in the Valut at The Bedford (if you've never been, please check it out!),  and then "dashing" across town in an uber through the snow storm and rush hour traffic to the Langham Chicago where we shot in the upstairs lobby and we were NOT alone. This can be intimidating when there are people around watching you, but John and Ashley seemed not to notice, they just kept looking and smiling at each other instead. I cannot stress enough just how great they are together.

Thank you to John & Ashley for an amazing session and for being so fun, natural, and easy to work with. I am super excited about their wedding!

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