Molly & Johnny - Engagement

  Got to spend an afternoon with these two lovebirds. We started things out at the Disney Concert Hall, which seems to offer an endlessly interesting backdrop (plus I got to use my new Prism so I was happy), before heading off to the Santa Monica Pier to find some glorious light beaming through the pier's pillars. Beautiful settings and fantastic light were all overshadowed by Molly & Johnny who seemed so natural and comfortable in front of the lens, despite their fears that they would not be. Every time I looked away to change a lens they would simply resume¬†flirting and cuddling spontaneously, so my only challenge was to begin shooting again before they noticed. I'd say the fact that they couldn't keep their hands off each other says a little something, don't you think? Thanks Molly & Johnny for one truly fun and beautiful day. I cannot wait to photography your wedding at the Smog Shoppe!

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