Sara & Tyler: Chicago

Why go out when you can just stay in?  

This in home session is giving me all the feelz.


Of course having this rockin' couple to work with didn't hurt. Sara & Tyler you guys made my day! Thanks for making this so much fun and for be willing to break the mould a bit.



Corey & Brianna - The James, Chicago

Finally getting around to posting this amazing wedding. Corey & Brianna make me want to be a better man. I wish I had half the chops, charm, wit, and style they have. (*smiley face*). They had an absolutely stunning wedding, and in spite of some nasty weather we still managed to sneak outside (Art Institute of Chicago) and grab some pics between rain drops. We even got to visit Sue (ya know - the T-REX!!) at Field. Basically, this day was awesome.

Who: Corey & Brianna

What: Wedding

Where: The James Hotel Chicago

When: August 20, 2016 (Yeah I'm a bit behind on blogging ok *winky face*)

Why: So much LOVE! 3W6A5902-23W6A9965 3W6A9969 3W6A0468-2 3W6A0450 3W6A26073W6A2610 DSC00370 3W6A0161 3W6A0219 3W6A0252-2-2 3W6A06143W6A0631 3W6A0671-2 3W6A0676 3W6A1115-2-2 3W6A1163-23W6A0780 3W6A0836-23W6A05663W6A2000-2 3W6A1982-2 3W6A1648 3W6A1834 3W6A1338-2 3W6A1356 3W6A1375 3W6A1390 3W6A13963W6A20463W6A2629-23W6A2637-33W6A26173W6A3412-2-2 DSC00741 DSC00666 3W6A2498-2 3W6A2552 3W6A2898 3W6A2911 3W6A3744 3W6A3680 3W6A3679-2 3W6A3522 3W6A3508-3 3W6A38503W6A37983W6A3219-2 3W6A3863 3W6A3911 3W6A3900-2 3W6A3897-2 3W6A5926-2

Jenish & Reema - Chicago

It's hard to remember how cold it was this day because we had so much fun. Chicago - you never disappoint.  So excited for their wedding! Who: Jenish & Reema

What: Engagement

Where: Fulton Market (and surrounding fun)

Why: Cause...LOVE! 3W6A0129-2 3W6A0004-2

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Beth + Mark

Beth + Mark talk to each other in movie quotes from 90's comedies. Let's just say, they made my day. And it's pretty obvious that they kinda like each other. I can't WAIT to do this again! See you next year at Morgan's on Fulton! Thanks for such an awesome session guys. And also, can we be friends? :)  

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Igor & Melanie's Engagement Session - Madison, WI

I recently met up with Igor and Melanie in Madison, Wisconsin for this awesome engagement session. Guys! Seriously! This was a fantastic shoot. I am always excited when couples are up for trying new things, so we got a little experimental with some of these shots. I am pretty happy with the way they turned out, but even more excited to be shooting Igor & Melanie's destination wedding this fall. Can't wait! 3W6A7928 3W6A6765 3W6A67363W6A7056 3W6A6811 3W6A7432 3W6A7360 3W6A74643W6A7905 3W6A73823W6A7512-2 3W6A7577 3W6A7668 3W6A7693 3W6A7702-2 3W6A7736 3W6A7793 3W6A7841 3W6A7915

Anthony & Caroline

I wanted to get this out before the weekend so I will write up some more about this ridiculously AMAZING wedding soon. For now the pics will have to speak for themselves, and with a couple like Anthony and Caroline, it's not hard to read between the lines. I *heart* these two so much. Enjoy! 3W6A8605 3W6A69063W6A7169-2 3W6A7118 3W6A7408 3W6A7392 3W6A7347-4 83W6A6965 DSC00830 Untitled3W6A75483W6A7742

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John & Ashley's Engagement Session - Chicago

This was my first session in Chicago since the big move (I know I have been a bit - ok massively - behind on blogging!!), and it was also the first snow of the season. Complete white out. One of the things I love about Chicago is that it keeps me on my toes and I have to be ready for anything. In LA, I can almost always count on the weather being pretty constant, and there is definitely something to knowing that I can rely on the weather for good light etc. Having said that, I was needing a new challenge, needing to shake things up a bit, and removing some of the reliability factors from my normal shooting conditions has been amazing for me. This city has provided me with a whole new set of creative inspiration, challenges, and endless backdrops to explore. I am very excited to share this first session with all of you as it is a prime example of having to get creative on the fly. While we were expecting that it might be a bit cold outside we were still planning to do a few things outdoors, but the blizzard conditions had other plans for us. I had originally planned to drive since I was bringing some lighting gear, but the blizzard turned to a white out making driving a bit impossible, so I packed up my gear and walked to the train in 8 inches of snow during a blizzard. Haha. Call me weird but it was a blast.  The entire session ended up indoors (which I had only ever done once before) which always provides it's own set of challenges - finding interesting locations, lighting, space to move around etc., but we were thrilled to have been able to shoot in some amazing locations. A massive thank you to The Bedford for letting us use their space and to the Langham for not kicking us out ;).

Of course I have to rave a bit about John and Ashley who just nailed this session. I had spent some time chatting with them about what they wanted the session to look and feel like. They really wanted a romantic yet editorial styled session. This can always be a bit challenging to pull off if you're not used to being in front of a camera, but as you can see, these two fell right into it and rocked it! They had so much fun together and it was really fun to watch them banter, flirt, and play together. We spent a lot of time in the Valut at The Bedford (if you've never been, please check it out!),  and then "dashing" across town in an uber through the snow storm and rush hour traffic to the Langham Chicago where we shot in the upstairs lobby and we were NOT alone. This can be intimidating when there are people around watching you, but John and Ashley seemed not to notice, they just kept looking and smiling at each other instead. I cannot stress enough just how great they are together.

Thank you to John & Ashley for an amazing session and for being so fun, natural, and easy to work with. I am super excited about their wedding!

3W6A59693W6A5810-23W6A57503W6A54223W6A5498-2 3W6A6009 3W6A59683W6A5958 3W6A59493W6A60123W6A6477-33W6A6077 3W6A62363W6A6473-2 3W6A62613W6A62523W6A6108


  An Island  + A Wedding+ An Airport in the sky + Sun + Clouds + Beach + Buffalo + A pick up truck = One Perfect Day.

We got to spend a day with these two Kentucky based lovebirds driving around the beautiful Island of Catalina in a borrowed pick up truck. And it was pretty spectacular.

Special thanks to Cathy Machado of An Event Two Be for making this day flow so seamlessly, and for giving us the grand tour of the Island like only a local could. To Todd + Kristen: you guys are amazing. We are so honored to have been witness to your intimate ceremony and to capture your day for you.

Click here to see the full post. DSC01880-5 3W6A9999DSC01423DSC014463W6A9997


3W6A9902DSC00785DSC01317-3DSC01146-2DSC00817-2Details3W6A9309-33W6A9183DSC01543 3W6A97223W6A96643W6A96233W6A9647-23W6A93893W6A9637DSC01589DSC01646DSC01636DSC01901-2

Jason & Melissa / Wedding / Carondelet House

  What I love about shooting weddings, is that even though the basic structure of most weddings is essentially the same, it's the people that truly make a wedding unique. Jason & Melissa's wedding was absolutely stunning, full of rustic style (thanks in large part to the amazing Carondelet House) and personal touch, but what really made this wedding for me was the people. It's easy to get swept up in the details of the day, the to do lists, the timelines, but this was the first time in awhile that I felt a buzz of childlike excitement and waves of emotion and love reverberating through everyone in attendance. The epicenter of this excitement wasn't hard to miss. It was so refreshing to see how unabashedly in love Jason & Melissa are with each and the sincerity of the emotions throughout their vows, speeches, and tiny moments was such a fantastic reminder of why I love doing weddings so much. I was honored to be a part of their day and grateful for the time I got to spend with them.

See More Pics Here 3W6A8914-2



3W6A67193W6A6564-23W6A655123W6A6735 3W6A6776 3W6A7106-2-23W6A7127 3W6A6952-2-23W6A7118-23W6A7199-2 3W6A7177-23W6A7202-2 3W6A7230-2 3W6A7496-23W6A7246-2 3W6A7547-2 3W6A72943W6A7314 3W6A7954-23W6A7994-23W6A82213W6A82263W6A8263-23W6A81283 3W6A83383W6A8351-23W6A8482-23W6A8525-2-23W6A9078-2 3W6A8573-23W6A8145-23W6A8163-23W6A8188-33W6A8829-23W6A8852-23W6A8938-2

Nate & Rebecca - Engagement Session

It was a cold and windy day in Los Angeles, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Nate & Rebecca recently moved to Los Angeles and wanted to capture their new city in this session to show off to friends and family, and I think our little city didn't disappoint. While it may not have been one of those classic California days that most non Californian's dream of, I think the elements actually added to the experience. Plus it made it that much easier for Nate & Rebecca to snuggle up. Thanks for such a fantastic day you two (well three really, can't forget that little adorable buddy you had with you)! I can't wait for your wedding!

See More Pics Here 3W6A0938-2

3W6A0279-2 2 3W6A1047 3W6A0598 3W6A0678 3W6A08553W6A1234-2 3W6A12183W6A13135 3W6A180633W6A1128-2 4 3W6A2059-2 3W6A2136 3W6A21783W6A0938

Nate & Rosi - Wedding

My favorite weddings always seem to have 2 key ingredients: they are always fun and visually stunning. Nate & Rosi's have an abundance of both, and so did their wedding. Such a perfect reflection of them. They chose a quaint but beautiful little venue here in Pasadena that in all my years working here I had somehow never heard of. Now that I have I will be singing their praises. So here's a shout out to Happy Trails Catering! This beautiful venue is so perfectly hidden from the street you would never know that just on the other side of their wooden gates you'd find a perfect little garden getaway.

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Molly & Johnny - Engagement

  Got to spend an afternoon with these two lovebirds. We started things out at the Disney Concert Hall, which seems to offer an endlessly interesting backdrop (plus I got to use my new Prism so I was happy), before heading off to the Santa Monica Pier to find some glorious light beaming through the pier's pillars. Beautiful settings and fantastic light were all overshadowed by Molly & Johnny who seemed so natural and comfortable in front of the lens, despite their fears that they would not be. Every time I looked away to change a lens they would simply resume flirting and cuddling spontaneously, so my only challenge was to begin shooting again before they noticed. I'd say the fact that they couldn't keep their hands off each other says a little something, don't you think? Thanks Molly & Johnny for one truly fun and beautiful day. I cannot wait to photography your wedding at the Smog Shoppe!

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