Meet Bear & Oliver – Cute. Cuddly. Dangerous.

This is what happens when I want to try out some new toys and I don’t have a model. Haha. So if you haven’t met Bear & Oliver let me introduce you. These two may look cute & cuddly, but don’t be deceived. They are little heart breakers. They’ll make you fall in love and then make you work for their attention. Little rascals. Ok ok, I love them. Maybe a little too much. We call them our kids and pretty much treat them like they are.

Anyhoot, I wanted to try out some new color gels for my strobes and needed some willing (or shall I say bribable) participants. A few cookies, a lot of patience, and a couple of dogs later and this is what I got.

Meet Bear:

– Our first born pup

– 8 (human) years old. He was born on a leap year so we say he’s really only 2.

– Loves to cuddle, have his ears scratched, and walks on the beach

– Speaks the Queens English and might be human

– The mellow one with a big heart

And this is Oliver:

– Our second child

– Enthusiast of all things play

– Want to be on your lap at all times

– Loves giving kisses, slobbering, fetching, and barking

– Won’t take no for an answer

This is how the day started. I wanted to try out the new ISO amazingness of the MKIII  so I took these at the wee hours of the morning when it was quite dark. Since they were so well behaved (and by that I mean willing to do anything for a cookie), I decided to plop them on the couch later and try the strobe shots above.

Poor Bear, he recently lost one his front teeth. We have no idea how. Though we suspect Oliver had something to do with. Puppy shenanigans.

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