Love Where You Live & Live To Love – A Color Packed Engagament Session – Venice Beach, CA

This was a visually saturated session with tons of color and fantastic light featuring the stylish streets of the Abbot Kinney district in Venice Beach, the Canals, and some good ol’ classic California shorelines. Alyssa and Jesse  really wanted to do a session that not only captured who they are as a couple, but a session that also embodied what they love about where they live. And in their case I think that where they have chosen to live says a lot about who they are as well. Full of life, style, color, and love, these two  go hand in hand with each other and their environment.

There are some fantastic walls filled with colorful murals throughout the Abbot Kinney district that made for some amazing backdrops.

This has some serious 80’s style all over it.

If you’ve not been to the Canals in Venice Beach, I recommend it. Such a quiet and romantic setting.

It got a bit chilly towards the end of the day, but that just provided us with the perfect opportunity for Alyssa and Jesse to cozy up and enjoy one of CA’s classic Sunsets.

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