Kelly and Jonathan’s Vintage Sweetheart Session

Kelly and Jonathan = One awesome couple with a vintage flare.

These two came ready to rock! And rock they did. We pooled our prop resources and pulled out all the stops to give their Sweetheart Session a classic feel. Between the old school camera’s, vintage attire, the Mission’s ruins, and the rustic suitcase, this session has the air of a classic Hollywood couple out sightseeing for the day.

Kelly and Jonathan made this sessions so much fun as they truly embodied the era and brought so much personality to the photos.

Ok, so technically this is not how you shoot with a twin lens reflex camera (the one on the right), but from a visual perspective it’s more interesting. Although with some TLR cameras there is a small window on top of the camera that you can use as a viewfinder, but typically you shoot from waist level. Geeking out a bit I know. 🙂


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