Wedding at the Malibu Nature Preserve – Suzanne and Christopher

I’ll be honest, I LOVE my job. Getting to work with people Like Suzanne and Christopher is what makes my job so awesome. From the very first time I met them I found them to be some of the nicest, kindest, and genuinely happiest people. You know how sometimes you just meet people and their smile makes you smile? That’s what Suzanne and Christopher have. And the best part is, I think they feel that way about each other. Every time Christopher would look at Suzanne his face would just light up and Suzanne was soon to follow with an equally contagious smile. This made shooting them rather easy. Just get them to look at each other and it’s not hard to see why they decided to marry. They chose to have  a gorgeous hilltop wedding at the Malibu Nature Preserve overlooking the ocean, and they couldn’t have picked a more perfect day. Gorgeous blue sky with just the right amount of clouds, green hilltops, and excellent weather! There was only one demand of the day, and that was that Chris wanted to be sure to get a photo like Puff Daddy’s album cover  from No Way Out, and we had fun doing it. Enjoy!

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