Old Town Pasadena, CA – Stephanie and Jason’s Engagement Session

This city is endless! Every time I shoot in Pasadena there seems to be something new and exciting to explore. Of course that only makes ending an awesome engagement session with an awesome couple like Stephanie and Jason almost impossible! We chose Pasadena for the location of the shoot because that’s where Stephanie and Jason had their first date and I thought it would be fun to follow the theme of a “first date” for the shoot. So I had Jason bring flowers and re-enact their first meeting in front of the Equator. It was almost like we had a little time portal as they relived their first moments together and I watched as their faces lit up as they talked about those pivotal moments they shared together a few years back. The moments that led them to where they are. From there we wandered a bit. I followed them around the town, letting them interact as much as possible, stopping here and there to utilize some of the fun alleys, painted walls, and old architecture that the city has to offer.  Then it was off to the infamous Colorado bridge. Up on the bridge we had fun playing with long exposures, blurring headlights of passing cars into a streak of light, and the old street lamps that just emit a classic old hollywood vibe. I felt bad having Stephanie and Jason freeze in a dipping-kiss position for a few seconds while I left the shutter open to allow the headlights of the passing cars to make streaks of blurred light, but I could tell that they didn’t seem to mind holding a kiss. I had an amazing time with this colorful and fun filled day and I can’t wait to work with Stephanie and Jason again when we shoot their wedding at the Calamigos Equestrian center in May!

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