Coco Palms Restaurant in Pomona, CA – Monica and Benjamin

FUN FUN FUN! This day was exactly that. Monica and Benjamin are two people who know how to have a good time and it shows! The entire day took place at the Coco Palms Restaurant which sits atop a gorgeous hillside overlooking the valley. Palm trees strewn with lights, the city twinkling below, everything about this place is just gorgeous and romantic. We started the day with some getting ready shots and some fun family and bridal party shots before the ceremony started. Then we headed down to the site for a beautiful sunset ceremony. It became very apparent just how much these two love each other during the ceremony as they held hands, shared their tears, their laughter, and of course a kiss . After the ceremony it was a slight battle against time to squeeze in some fun shots with everyone before we lost our natural light, but we made it through and had a ton of fun while we were at it. I am thankful to have been a part of this day and extremely glad to know Monica and Benjamin as they are two fantastic people with a lust for life that would make anyone jealous. I wish them both a life of love and happiness. In addition to their photos be sure to check out their Video Teaser as well. Thanks guys!

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