Vasquez Rocks, Poppy Fields – Laura and Ryan Engagement Session

This was an amazing day! I have been wanting to shoot out at the Poppy Fields off of the 14 in Antelope Valley for some time now and they did not disappoint! Such great colors! And Laura and Ryan are true troopers! We spent a couple of hours out at the poppy fields in the blazing sun and I had them running and jumping and even rolling around in the Poppy fields and they were committed 100%!! We had so much fun out there! I can’t wait to go back next year. From there we headed over to Vasquez Rocks, which is a beautiful National Park that features some pretty famous Rock formations (any Star Trek fans?). We hiked around through the park as the sun was setting and by the end of the day we had definitely gotten our exercise, but it was a truly memorable day and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Laura and Ryan. They were such fun to be around and they are truly genuine people and I am very excited to be a part of their big day next year at Le Chene!

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