Ponte Winery – Brad and Gladys’ Engagement Session

This was an amazing day! I met Brad and Glady’s out at Ponte Winery in Temecula, CA for a fun filled day of photos, good food, and lots of laughs! Brad and Gladys are getting married at Ponte this summer and wanted to do their engagement photos there so we could get familiar with the venue and scout some of the locations together in advance. Good news is there won’t be a shortage of amazing places to use for shooting! They came prepared with some fun ideas for the shoot as well. Brad’s last name is Tally and so they brought a bottle of white wine by Tally vineyards that we used, and Gladys is a big fan of color so we made use of a really fun shade umbrella as well as great scarves etc. Unfortunately the vines were not in full bloom while we were there, but I noticed a fantastic orange grove just across the street from Ponte that we ended up using for some really fun photos that really allowed us to capitalize on colors and matched well with the color schemes Brad and Gladys had already selected. We had such a great time getting lost in the groves and playing around in the vineyard and the food at Ponte is amazing. Thanks to Brad and Gladys for an amazing day! 🙂

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