Family Portrait at Wood’s Cove, Laguna Beach CA – Lyndsey and JJ

This summer I had a little contest on my Facebook page for previous clients. I posted pictures from my previous clients weddings and the goal was for them to tell their friends and family to join my group and vote for their photo. Whoever got the most votes by the end of the competition would win a free portrait session. I wasn’t sure what kind of response the competition would get, but it was insane! There were some really committed contestants. It was amazing! It was a really close call for awhile, but ultimately Lyndsey and JJ pulled ahead by a couple hundred votes on the last day of the competition! They totally rocked it and I was super excited to have them participate and I send many thanks to all of the other contestants who were so great during the whole process. Especially Meliss and Chad – you guys gave Lyndsey and JJ a run for their money! I hadn’t seen Lyndsey and JJ since their wedding over a year ago so it was extremely fun to get to shoot them again. We had an amazing day at Wood’s Cove down in Laguna Beach. They even brought their dog Winston who was a trooper and added so much fun to the day. Thanks again to Lyndsey and JJ for making this a great experience and for working so hard to take the win! I hope you enjoy!

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