Victoria and Paul, Studio Engagement

I love getting to shoot studio sessions!! They are so much fun and offer an extremely different look than available natural light. I was also very excited about the kinds of photos that Victoria and Paul were wanting to get. They had a very editorial look and feel they wanted to obtain while remaining relaxed and intimate.  They were both so much fun to be working with and as the day went on they really got into it. I think they enjoyed getting to play off of each other and it was fun to see them really start to model. I don’t typically have a lot of engagement shoots that require any real modeling, they are usually more relaxed and inspired by moments, so it was fun to switch things up. Of course there were still plenty of inspired moments, so it was fun to put the two together.

I am also very excited about being a part of their wedding taking place this fall at the Lake Hills Community Church. They have a gorgeous little chapel there that I cannot wait to shoot in! The Chapel at Lake Hills Community Church is a beautiful blend of antique and modern architecture that should be great for photos!





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