Sarah Rotes Engagement, The Grand Tradition

I am very excited to be working with Sarah and her family! We did a really fun engagement/family portrait shoot at their wedding venue (The Grand Tradition Estate, Fallbrook, CA) which is amazing! Endless expanses of green grass, beautiful gardens, water falls, etc. You name, they got it. 🙂

We basically walked around the grounds and found a few areas that they really liked and just had some fun! They really enjoy each other and seemed very at ease and comfortable with being in front of the lens, and I think it shows!

img_0493ps3   img_1424ps4   img_1470ps1    img_1710ps1

img_0506ps2    img_0534ps3    img_0516ps2


img_1588ps2   img_1413ps1   img_1520ps2





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