Liz and Chris, Fullerton Ca.

This was a really beautiful wedding and I was very excited to be a part of Liz and Chris’ day! They are such a cute couple and we really had a ton of fun throughout the whole day. Chris is actually a photographer as well, and sometimes it can feel a little strange shooting another photographers wedding, but that was not the case at all for this one! They were both so relaxed and energetic and I felt very much a part of their wedding. It was really nice to see how much they love each other and I felt honored to be there to capture it for them! The location was actually a house that belonged to a friend of theirs and I must say that it was absolutely stunning. Liz’s dress, flowers, and shoes were all so perfect and she looked absolutely beautiful! Chris was just beaming the whole day. The whole wedding party and all of the attendee’s were very excited to be their to witness this wedding and that always makes for such a great day! The videography team was top notch and actually part of Chris’s team at It’s always nice to work with videographers who are nice and considerate and see the photographer as part of the wedding team and we all really got along really well and we were all able to get some great stuff! Enjoy!


IMG_5172PS4 IMG_5767PS3


IMG_6102PS3 IMG_6113PS13




IMG_6180 IMG_5891PS1

IMG_4798PS1 IMG_6326




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