Hyatt Regency Long Beach Hotel and St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Church – Jennifer and Jerome’s Wedding

Jennifer and Jerome are soooooo much fun! Their wedding was such a blast and all of their friends and family have so much energy and excitement! There was truly never a dull moment at their wedding. From getting ready all the way though (and especially) the reception at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach! I will blog more about the Church (St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in Lomita, CA) and locations soon and I will also be sure to get more photos of the Church, Ceremony, and Reception up soon, but I wanted to post a handful for all of you to see now! Also be sure to check out their videographer Charles Lauren Films!So enjoy and check back in soon for more fun pics!


IMG_9547PS1 IMG_9706PS1




IMG_9406PS1 IMG_9449PS2


IMG_9351PS1 IMG_9545PS3


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  1. […] Talk about a wonderful day! We did Jerome’s brother’s wedding years ago – now Dave is all grown up, has a family and gets to be a part of this great day! We love this church, the priest, the Hyatt, Rainbow Lagoon and the Lighthouse at Rainbow Harbor! The perfect places for such a happy group of people! Thanks to A. O’Brien Photography. […]

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