Jenni and Daman, Oak Farm Vineyards, Lodi CA

I have really been enjoying utilizing everything around me when I shoot weddings. Locations can be key, but trying to use them in different ways to create new effects can be one of the fun challenges that I thoroughly enjoy. The trick can be finding the right props and being prepared for any situation.

Jenni and Daman were a true delight and were able to meet me at the ceremony site the day before the wedding to walk through the location – Oak Farm Vineyards, Lodi CA – together. We came across the blue truck, as featured below, and I was immediately drawn to it and got very excited about being able to use it. There was, however, an inherent problem with using the truck: it was filthy inside and out. Obviously dirt and wedding dresses don’t mix, so it was key that we were able to find the truck in advance so that we could bring towels and cleaning supplies the next day in order to make sure that nothing would stain or ruin Jenni’s dress and, in this case, Daman’s white tux as well!

Wedding 82PS11_pp 





IMG_3971 - Version PS6


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