Esther and Ramon, Holy Family Catholic Church/Sheraton Cerritos Hotel

I shot Esther and Ramon’s engagement session at Disneyland earlier this year and ever since then I have been super excited about shooting their wedding! We had so much fun that day and they are both so energetic and funny I just knew their wedding was going to be a blast…and it was!! And beautiful too!

We started the day at Esther’s house for some getting ready photos:

IMG_0091PS2 IMG_9887PS4

Esther was very excited about her shoes… and we could definitely see why!


From there it was off to the church. Both Esther and Ramon arrived at The Holy Family Catholic Church in Wilmington, CA in style. Classic old cars:

IMG_0021PS4 IMG_9993PS5 IMG_0179PS2 IMG_0263PS1

They left in just as much style as they showed up in!

IMG_0384PS4 IMG_0353PS4

From there it was off to The Sculpture Gardens in Cerritos for some group shots!

IMG_0396PS3 IMG_0354 (1)PS2 IMG_0613PS2 IMG_0208PS3 IMG_0546PS3 There are those shoes again! 🙂 IMG_0307PS4

Then we spent some time with just Esther and Ramon!

IMG_0722PS1 IMG_0792PS3 IMG_0026PS4 IMG_0763PS1 IMG_9987PS2

And we finished it all off with a beautiful reception at the Sheraton Cerritos Hotel!

IMG_0210PS2 IMG_0542PS1 IMG_0310PS1

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