Brian and Alyda – Crystal Cove

I am ashamed to say that I had not ever really been to the Crystal Cove before. I grew up in Orange County and somehow managed to miss out on this locale! Now being a photographer makes this even worse. I am ashamed, but very glad that my eyes have finally been opened. It is a gorgeous location with many attractions from hiking to surfing. One of the plus sides for shooting is the distance from the parking lot down to the beach. It is probably a quarter mile hike from where we parked to the beach and this weeds out many of the beach loungers making it location a little more exclusive and therefore easier to shoot around the passerby’s.

We had a great time exploring the location, and Brian and Alyda were so much fun to work with. They simply had fun with each other as they ran from the waves, chased seagulls, or simply got cozy on the really pointy rock formations… 🙂





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