Araceli and Anthony, Coco Palm Restaurant and Puddingstone Resort

Araceli and Anthony were some of the sweetest people I have worked with and I really enjoyed being a part of their day. It was a little windy on the hill top where we took the family portraits so we had a fun time managing stray hairs and making sure my umbrella strobes didn’t fall over (more than once..oops). But I think everything turned out well in spite of the fun challenges! If you are ever looking for a hot tub with a view, be sure to check out Puddingstone Resort! I had no idea they were up there, but it is fantastic!

The ceremony was held at the Coco Palm Restaurant (formerly known as Copa Cabana). My wife and I used to eat there all of the time and we love for many reasons, not the least of which is the view. Set on a hillside covered in palm trees and overlooking the valley for a perfect view of the sunset it  makes for the perfect, quaint, and romantic wedding locale. All in all it was fun, beautiful, and full of fantastic people that I am happy to know!



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